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Provide Wages On-Demand for happier, healthier, and more productive employees.

  • Save thousands on hiring, recruitment, and productivity loss
  • Offer a differentiating benefit to your employees
  • Bring the benefit of Wages On-Demand to your employees at no cost to you.
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Why ZayZoon?

ZayZoon is a cutting edge payroll add-on that will improve employee engagement and have a positive social impact.

  • 48% - the percentage of US workers that have reported finding it "difficult to get by" due to the current economic crisis
  • 78% - the percent of employees who live paycheck to paycheck
  • 81% - the percentage of ZayZoon customers who indicated needing their payouts for necessities like groceries and medicine
  • 38% - the percent of employees who report being distracted at work because of their finances
  • $702 - the amount of money an employee keeps in their pocket each year by using ZayZoon to avoid payday loans, overdraft and unnecessary fees

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